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Maintaining Healthy Shoulders

Adequate shoulder mobility is extremely important in sports and everyday life. The lack of mobility in the shoulder joint can lead to overcompensation in other muscle groups, pain & possibly injury. Shoulder mobility exercises will keep your shoulders healthy, in shape and more likely to prevent shoulder problems.

Dynamics trainer Lori Gower demonstrate 3 moves to improve the health of your shoulders. Each movement can be done for approx thirty to sixty seconds.

Added: Oct 1st, 2012


Whether you are an athlete looking to increase your performance or the stay-at-home mom looking to stay strong for daily activities, it is important to note that everyone needs rotational strength. Countless sports
as well as daily activities require twisting powerfully
from your core muscles as well as resisting force.
Improving this movement pattern will improve your power, strength and mobility, all keys to a fit individual. Medicine ball throws are a great way to improve rotational strength. This can also be a very therapeutic exercise as many of
you Dynamics clients already know.

See Dynamics trainer Jim Giroux demonstrate
a medicine ball rotational throw variation.

Added: Sept 22nd, 2012


More muscle means more results, and uphill running activates 9 percent more muscle per stride than trotting
at the same pace on level ground. It can also save your knees: increasing the grade to just 3 percent can reduce
the shock on your legs by up to 24 percent.

A good way to run hills:
When it comes to hill sprints at dynamics we like to emphasize less is more approach focusing on quality not quantity. Run fast to blast the fat and get fit. Attack each hill sprint with as much effort as you can. Chose a hill
with a gradual incline and mark off a distance that will
take you anywhere from :20-:45 seconds to get to the
top. Walk back down the hill and take as much rest time
as you need to prepare for the next one. 3-6 total hills is typically a great number to shoot for.

Added: Sept 7th, 2012

Four Fantastic Stretches
to Refresh Your Legs and Prevent Injury

Using a resistance band not only helps tone your buns and guns, it can also help refresh your legs in between tough workouts to decrease soreness and also improve flexibility. Most people can never get too much stretching, especially those of you who go through tough workouts and are forced to sit behind a computer to meet the demands of your job. CLICK HERE to see Dynamics trainer James Hollenkamp demonstrate four simple lower body band stretches. Each stretch can be held for 30-60 seconds.

Email info@dynamicsfitness.com with any questions.

Added: August 31st, 2012
A quick, simple, and effective at home/hotel workout for those who are either stretched for time or at the hotel. Perform the following as a circuit for three to four rounds of 8 to 12 reps each. Below see Dynamics trainer Jill the Thrill Kelly show you how it's done!

1. T-push-up
2. Reverse lunge with floor touch
3. Superman
4. Sprinter sit-ups
5. Seal jumping jack
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